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Challenges in Fire and Safety Industry Faces

Vulnerability to Threats

Limited surveillance and inadequate response systems

Inefficient Maintenance

Difficulty in managing fire safety equipment and security devices effectively.

Lack of Real-time MonitoringQuality

Inability to track security measures and fire prevention systems continuously.

How AT SMS Supports Fire and Safety Companies

Automated Maintenance Alerts

Prompt notifications for maintenance schedules ensure optimal functionality of security systems.

Enhanced Incident Response

Quick responses to alerts and incidents through automated notification systems.

Integrated Surveillance Controln

Real-time monitoring and centralized control over security cameras and fire alarm systems.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilise insightful analytics provided by AT SMS to make informed business decisions, improving overall efficiency and service quality.

Compliance and Regulation Adherence

Ensures adherence to industry standards and regulations for fire and security protocols.

Dynamic Asset Tracking

Track and manage fire safety equipment and security devices efficiently.

Key Features of Fire and Safety Maintenance Software

Director Dashboard

Fire Safety Financial Metrics

Customized financial insights specific to fire safety services.

Key Performance Indicators

Essential indicators for managing fire safety operations efficiently.

Analytical Access

Quick access to detailed reports and analytics for fire safety service management.

Asset Tracking, Jobs & Invoice

Unified Fire Safety System

Track fire safety assets, manage ongoing service jobs, and handle invoicing seamlessly.

Job Coordination

Efficient management of fire safety tasks, progress tracking, and invoicing integration.

Asset-Job-Billing Synergy

Coordinated system linking asset management, job progress, and billing for fire safety services.
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Calendar Planner

Visual Scheduling

Intuitive scheduling for fire safety inspections, maintenance, and service calls.

Efficient Maintenance

Streamlined scheduling for critical fire safety checks and tasks.

Resource Allocation

Clear overview of fire safety service schedules for optimized resource utilization.

Android & iOS Mobile App

Mobile Access to Fire Safety Services

Technicians' access to crucial service functionalities while on the move.

Field Service Efficiency

Enhanced efficiency for fire safety inspections and service tasks in the field.

Technician Job Management

Efficient management of fire safety service tasks using mobile devices.

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