Hotel Operation Software

Elevate Your Hotel’s Operations with AT SMS

Challenges Faced by the Hotel Industry

Real-time Communication

Ensuring effective communication among staff

Inventory and Asset Maintenance

Managing and upkeeping various assets and inventory.

Staff Coordination

Coordinating staff across different departments efficiently

How AT SMS Revolutionizes Hotel Management

Visual Scheduling

Provides a visual representation of hotel management job schedules.

Centralized Inventory Control

Automated inventory management to ensure items are always available.

Automated Maintenance Alerts

Quick responses to repair requests, reducing downtime.

Insightful Analytics

Gain valuable insights into operational efficiency, and areas for improvement through comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools.

Real-time Staff Communication

Seamless internal communication for efficient operations.

Efficient Energy Control

Integrate with energy monitoring systems to optimize lighting, heating & cooling, supporting sustainability initiatives.

Key Features of Hotel Management Software

Director Dashboard

Financial Metrics Overview

Provides essential financial insights tailored for hotel management.

Job Financials

Tracks revenue, cost breakdowns, and integrates financial data related to hotel tasks.

Turnover Analysis

Offers turnover trend analysis specific to hotel management

Jobs, Asset Tracking & Inventory

Comprehensive Task Management

Efficiently handles scheduling and tracking of hotel management tasks.

Asset Management

Manages detailed information regarding hotel assets for smoother operations.

Inventory Control

Manages inventory related to hotel management tasks and assets.
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Calendar Planner

Visual Scheduling

Provides a visual representation of hotel management job schedules.

Off Day Management

Marks planned off days or holidays within hotel management job schedules.

Staff Bookings

Displays booked staffs for specific hotel management tasks on specific dates.

Android & iOS Mobile App

Remote Management

Allows hotel managers to oversee and manage tasks remotely.

Instant Updates

Provides real-time access to job details, requisitions, and schedules.

Client Interaction

Enhances communication with guests for better hotel management services.

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